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My Summer Fling (New York City)

I don’t believe in love at first sight. I’m a cynic, you know.

Riddle me this, if I won’t even buy a gorgeous piece of furniture that catches my eye in a store window without inquiring about its measurements, price and such, how can you expect me to profess my love for something (animate or inanimate) I’ve just seen, not matter how glorious? Such an impulse is highly improbable, if not entirely out of the question in my world.

So it wasn’t surprising that when people around me were madly falling in love within a few days, I was still unsure of my feelings towards the NewYork City even after two years. This city is hardly perfect. In fact, it’s far from it.

I wasn’t a big fan of all the ‘real’ people around. It’s still confounding to me how being a total douchebag to others makes one ‘real’? Burning in the mid-summer hell-fires of the subway station for two years seemed like more than enough karmic retribution for a lifetime and being told off by a homeless person for offering him some hot Starbucks coffee while it snowed outside was enough to cure me of any philanthropic genes I may have acquired during my stay in California.

We did not have a smooth start, this city and I and yet, after 2 years of a troubled relationship and distant gazing of the manhattan skyline from my apartment in New Jersey, with just 5 weeks left before I was to move out, I fell for it.

Maybe it was me, or maybe it was the city but something changed in those 5 weeks of summer. I’m not the one to give in to the sales pitch. Sure there are always things to do and  sure, it’s a melting pot of world cuisine, culture, and art. Sure, who doesn’t appreciate the $0.99 pizza at 3am around every street corner, free events all year round and ice-skating at Central Park? Yet, those are not the things that I will miss the most. It took me two years, an interesting subway ride and an epiphany to realise what I love the most about this city.

New York city, for me, is the city of the nonconformists, the misfits. If you’ve felt like an odd bird your entire life, this is the city you will fit right it. You can be your weirdest self here and no one will pass you a second glance. If you never fit anywhere else in the world, you’ll be right at home here. No matter how strange or different you may have felt or been forced to feel all your life, from the moment you land in NYC, you belong. It’s more than a city, it’s a sanctuary for anyone who needs one. With all, it’s imperfections, the city seems to embrace yours with acceptance and openness of an understanding ally.

As strange as it may sound, it seems the city knows of its many imperfections and is always trying to redeem itself or at the very least offer excellent distractions in the form of countless performing artists who make the subway rides just a little more enduring. That to me is the most beautiful thing about this city, even more than the history it hides, or the dynamic manhattan skyline that always seems to reflect the mood of the heavens above.

Yes, I sound smitten, but then didn’t you know, cynics make the best romantics? It just takes longer to convince us.

‘My Summer Fling’ is a collection of photographs of NewYork City, mostly taken during my last 5 weeks here, with a few sprinkles from my earlier stay.

What do you give a man who has everything?

My hairstyles don’t hold for over 5 minutes and I haven’t had a good hair day iWhat do you give a guy who has everything? www.thesavorist.comn over two months.
No, it’s not my shampoo!
I have a chronic habit of ferociously running my fingers through  my hair when I’m thinking and I’ve been doing quite a bit of thinking over the past couple of months.

After all, deciding what to give a man who has everything can be fairly perplexing. Although, not half as perplexing as when the man in question is your “one ring” and you the Gollum. It’s true! While it may not be the most romantic analogy in world, he is indeed “my precious” and I cannot imagine a day without him.

July 21st, his birthday and I’ve got nothing. After all, what can a plastic swipe fetch that’ll not be dwarfed by the dizzying heights of affection I feel for him. What material object can possibly express exactly how essential he is to me? I thought I’ll use words, but I couldn’t find any that don’t seem absolutely insignificant; in fact almost shallow compared to the depths of my gratefulness.

You should marry a geek, or at the very least date one.

Reasons why you should marry a geek | Date a geek |Love | Valentine's Day | Geek is the new Sexy | thesavorist.comYou should marry a geek or start dating one at the very least, because he’s the closest thing to the mythical creature you are looking for, the ‘perfect man’. Marry a guy who codes for a living and for entertainment. He can write codes and decrypt yours. He can have a full conversation in binary and is more interested in the gadget than the half naked blonde modeling it.

Marry a geek who has read every book on your list and more; seen every movie you love and would watch them again with you. Marry him to ride into the sunset holding hands and reciting your favorite dialogues in your make-belief baritone voice. If you have a habit of getting late, tell him you were playing Gandalf. After all, ‘a wizard is never early, nor is he ever late. He arrives precisely when he means to’.

Find a guy who finished Britannica by the time he was ten and whose favorite non profit organisation is Wikimedia Foundation. He devours wikipedia more ferociously than a broken hearted woman devours ice-cream and makes generous donations to keep it ads free. Marry him for his generosity or marry him for guaranteed entertaining life because he’ll always have something enchanting to talk about.

No-Fail No-fuss Chocolate Soufflé Recipe for Two

Easy No-Fail Chocolate Souffle Recipe |Chocolate Souffles | Desserts | #Chocolate  #Recipe
Every year, around this time people start loosing their minds. Apparently there is no happy situation to be in; if you are single you are frantically looking for a date and if you happen to be in a relationship, the pressure to do something special is probably giving you a severe case of indigestion. If you are anything like me, you probably were waiting for the eleventh hour for some inspiration to strike, by which time all the good old options of a nice dinner is already out of the window unless you are famous enough to have a standing reservation at a fancy restaurant or your date is crazy about Mc Donald’s happy meal.


Chicken Fajitas with Corn Tortillas (Gluten free)

The Savorist | Chicken Fajitas with Corn Tortillas Recipe #Glutenfree #healthy #chicken
I haven’t been in the pink of health this week. Usually, I just power through without even acknowledging my sickness, but on the rare occasions when I do and allow myself the luxury of some rest, I expect a great deal of pampering. I also have a tendency to get grumpy when unwell. And the grumpier I am, the more I get certain that I have a right to be. I am sure there are people lying in the hospital beds with broken bones who are probably more cheerful than I am.

Of Memories and Photographs

The Savorist - Of memories and photographs. #photography #photographs #pictures #eye #memories

If a picture says a thousand words, our DSLRs and iPhones have certainly made us verbose. Today our lives are filled with words but lack meaning.

We have thousands of vacation pictures tucked away somewhere on our computers. I personally had to order a new hard drive because my laptop couldn’t take it anymore. We don’t want to miss out on anything. There is almost a compulsive urge to capture all the moments and memories, lest our less than efficient brain forgets a detail. In this mad rush to capture memories, we forget about making any.

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